Dear Valued Aspirants,
Heartily Welcome to MRM College !

It’s our privilege to share some words about our pioneer academic institution that has a successful history and inspiring presence enough for pursuing highly competent and qualified future in academic, social and management graduates.

Education that we have set a concept to acquire through formal schooling is not enough to flourish our inner potentiality, but social knowledge including contemporary social media helps to be competent in a professional career. Vast of knowledge is available in the social realm and can be largely obtained through advanced technology. MRM College believes in sustainable learning that is only possible in a functional learning environment set according to modern pedagogical theories in rich physical facilities. In addition, theoretical knowledge in the formal classroom and practical orientation in society and/or corporates, industries etc is also equally important for the meaningful learning. Thus, we are unique in nourishing students through combined pedagogies of teaching-learning and efforts of college and students including parents, faculties and well management.

We welcome all newcomers to MRM College and wish them enjoying a mini-wonderful learning world that will certainly lead you to great success in the profession. Please, visit our college that may be one of the best alternatives for quality education.

Dr. Krishna Thapa, Executive Director