The Library

Every attempt has been made to develop library into an intellectual and social resource center of the college. It contains a wide collection of text books, reference books, journals, periodicals, manuals, publications and other reading materials designed to meet the diverse information needs of students, faculty members and others. Online Library is conceptualized with collaboration of foreign university and Nepalese Diaspora.

Computer and IT Application

To develop and enhance the student’s skills in computing, considered one of the major requirements for academic achievements, MRM College is equipped with computer lab with all the latest Software. However, we encourage students to have and carry their Laptop to the class so that they can install and retain necessary Software, data set, e-materials etc.

ECA Plan

MRM College engages students with different extra-curricular activities (ECA). Each student must choose and participate in at least one of them according to their potentiality and interest. ECA includes both physical and mental stimulating activities like Sports and Games
and high-mental works that includes forum meetings, speech, debate, essay-poem, fine-arts competitions etc. In addition, seminars, presentations, company & corporate visits are scheduled according to our annual plan.

Non-Credited Course

MRM College has planned to offer with some non- credited courses to those students who want to gain knowledge, learn specific skills and update and enrich their understanding about a wide range of BBA, BBA-BI related subject(s). It is optimized to assist students seeking to improve in proficiency on some specific subjects and increase job related skills and employability. Students who complete certain courses receive an official certificate from MRM College and may ask for any additional documentation for a letter of completion from the class instructor or from the academic coordinator as per their demand and need.

Proposed list of Non- Credited courses

1st Semester Presentation and case study
2nd Semester Personality Development
3rd Semester Web based research
4th Semester Study of innovative online business
5th Semester Excel
6th Semester Professional writing
7th Semester Internship
8th Semester Tally

CAP Centre

At MRM, we have a CAP (Career, Academic and Personal Counseling) Centre. This center helps our students for their academic and personal career and problems and offers appropriate and effective solutions. Our scheme is to make our students to be educated, skilled and civilized citizens at the same time. From this year, we have plans to help students for job placement with some professional job facilitating companies. Equally, facilitating students for scholarship offered by foreign universities.


A high speed internet WiFi is provisioned in the college settings, and everyone can freely access and enjoy its utility. Students can have easy access to Electronic Journals, e-Books, Reports etc.


A hygienic cafeteria managed by MRM College. The cafeteria serves delicious foods at the minimal/reasonable budget.