Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Business Administration Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI) is one of the most popular courses in the management field worldwide. Moreover, it can be the solid ladder to further academic
pathways within Nepal and abroad.

BBA and BBA-BI at MRM that spans over four years of eight semesters will equip the students with a sound understanding of the business landscape and a range of transferable skills. We are here to serve BBA and BBA-BI programs with a more practical orientation that focuses on establishing a connection between theoretical concepts and the ever-changing business world, and imparting workplace relevant skills, in particular. We will start an MBA program of Pokhara University soon At MRM, we will make sure that the students get
complete advantage of this professional course. BBA and BBA-BI are just not about getting admission, attending classes, appearing in exams, and getting the degree with suitable marks but it should also shape professional attitude and reinforce the knowledge applications which we ensure through our extensive seminars, workshops, the team works, research projects, internship, alumni meets, career counseling, and many extra-curricular activities.

Furthermore, we aim to provide our students with ample opportunities of networking with the designated personalities of various industries through guest lecturing, seminars, workshops, educational trips, and other events. We believe in a participatory approach of learning to prepare youths to take responsibility and prepare them for leadership roles in the future. I am sure that you will have a fulfilling learning experience at MRM, and that it will lay the foundation for a truly rewarding career ahead.
Thank you.

Mr. Bhaskar Raj Panta, Chairperson