Dear students and parents,

We are pleased to welcome you at MRM College. MRM runs Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Business Administration Banking and Insurance (BBA- BI) affiliated to Pokhara University. These highly valued global degrees prepare students with sound knowledge and skills to be self- reliant, and to embark on a rewarding career ahead. We believe that ever expanding and highly competitive market is waiting for an extraordinary individual. During the four years of the undergraduate degrees at MRM, we not only inculcate entrepreneurship mode but also nurture and drive students’ skills towards perfection and professionalism. Experienced
faculties, national and international placements and ample practical assist our graduates to be able to compete globally. The main objective of MRM is to provide quality education. At MRM you will find the excellent learning environment with adequate facilities, modern infrastructure and academic atmosphere. Hence, I would like to invite you at the college premises and hope for further interaction. Join MRM and enjoy the excellence of business education.
Thank you for your visit in MRM.

Mr. Ram Prasad Poudyal, Principal